building a shed near a powerline

Can I Build A Shed Near A Powerline?

If the site location you have selected for your new shed is near or under a powerline, there are several restrictions and requirements that you need to be aware of.

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First and foremost, whether you are allowed to build near or even under the powerline usually depends on

A)      The type of powerline, and

B)      Your powerline provider.

For example, the restrictions for a distribution overhead powerline will be different to the restrictions for a transmission overhead powerline.

Therefore, it is recommended you contact your local provider, and they will confirm the exact measurements and any requirements that need to be met. This includes calculating the potential ‘sag and sway’ over the powerlines such as the potential movement of the wire on a hot, windy day.

Generally speaking;

  • The closest a powerline can be to a shed is 3m – any closer than this is regarded as a ‘No Go Zone’

powerline no go zone for building sheds

Learn more about No Go Zones

  • If the building works are within 3m – 6.4m of the powerline, a ‘spotter’ from your power provider must be on site to ensure safe distances are kept from the powerlines during construction.
  • Although not usually endorsed by power providers, a shed can be built below a powerline.

In order for this to happen a representative from your power provider must come out to site to confirm the height of the wires.

With a shed, most power providers require at least 3.7m clearance between the highest part of the shed, and the powerlines at maximum sag (again depending on the type of powerline).

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