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Featured Project – Quality Farm Shed Infrastructure For Paradoo Prime

We’ve worked with Tim and Georgie and the team at Paradoo Prime over the past five years to deliver a number of major farm shed infrastructure builds, including an impressive covered yards facility that is proving to be a “no-brainer” for the Cobbity property.

Along with supporting ideas and initiatives such as containment feeding, human-grade pain relief for improved animal wellbeing (learn more about this here) and the Towards90 program, Tim also champions the importance of good quality infrastructure and the key role it plays in improving working conditions and labour efficiencies.

Paradoo Prime is really a blueprint on how quality infrastructure can contribute to the success of livestock operations.

In this article you can learn more about the most recent shed infrastructure built for Paradoo Prime, what it achieves and why it works.

You will also find plenty of inspiration and helpful resources for your project.

Farm Shed Infrastructure - Paradoo Prime - Cobbitty


Located in Victoria’s Western District, Paradoo Prime is a maternal composite flock for prime lamb production run by Tim and Georgie Leeming.

Paradoo Prime includes a seed stock operation supplying genetics into the maternal prime lamb market with a strong focus on “breeding efficient, easy care, robust and profitable genetics.”

Tim and Georgie are also “building precision into reproduction by shrinking pregnant ewe mob sizes and paddock sizes and using natural shelter to maximise lamb survival.”

Tim recently spoke to us on the priorities in their business.

“…growing grass and consuming grass effectively and making sure that you maintain that pasture productions and looking after your landscape … that’s number one. The other thing that’s very, very important is infrastructure and having fantastic infrastructure so that you’re labour efficient.”
Tim Leeming
Tim Leeming
Paradoo Prime

Purchasing Cobbity in 2011, “was a bit of a roll of the dice” for Tim and Georgie, although “it was a good time to buy looking back,” because “the property was really rundown, very little fencing, the infrastructure was either not there at all or dilapidated.”

So, new infrastructure has played a key role in improving the property and establishing Paradoo Prime as an industry leading farming operation.

And we have been privileged to work alongside Tim on these projects, including several yard cover projects and a multi-purpose storage shed.

Discover the details of some of these projects we have completed for Paradoo Prime, below. These are all excellent examples of well-planned and well-designed farm shed infrastructure builds. 

ABOUT THE PROJECT – Covered Yards At Cobbity

“..the first thing that went in here at Cobbity was a good set of ProWay yards. And then … we covered them.”

Paradoo Prime Cobbity Covered Yards
Tim Leeming - Covered Yards

Project Overview

Size: 33.5m (L) x 35m (W) x 3.7m (H) with 3 metre canopy to one side

Yard Supplier: ProWay Livestock Equipment

Location: Cobbity, Pigeon Ponds VIC

Build Date: 2020

Project Details

Here are some of the key details and design features and considerations of the project. 

  • Gable infills provide additional protection from the prevailing weather while still allowing plenty of airflow and air movement throughout the cover. It is important to find the right balance to provide working conditions that are both comfortable and functional. 
  • A combination of skylights and high-bay lights ensures there is good lighting in the cover, which makes tasks like lamb marking, tagging and collecting data easier. The effectiveness of skylights does depend on a number of factors such as shed orientation and the time of the year. Incorporating high-bay lights as well ensures you can use your covered yards at any time of the day, all year round. 
  • Custom gutter systems installed to each end of the cover ensures stormwater is direct away from the yards and allows Tim to capture and store a large amount of rainwater run-off. For example, with a roof this size and an average yearly rainfall of 500mm, there is potential to harvest around 62,700 litres of run-off!
  • Additional coverage over the yards on each side of the structure and the inclusion of a canopy to one side ensures the yards are sheltered in even the most inclement weather. The canopy was also an excellent solution to working in the with existing shed infrastructure and providing shelter over the ramp.
  • Building over existing yards meant that any fall over the site needed to be considered and accommodated. This was achieved by varying the lengths of the columns to suit. Similarly, significant attention was given to column placement in the design stage so that the columns didn’t interfere with the yard layout. The solution to this was varying the bay widths throughout the cover.
“As soon as we could afford it, we covered them (the yards) because things like lamb marking that happens in July and August, they’re really wet winter months. Sometimes you might be putting off those operations because of the rain…”
Tim Leeming
Tim Leeming
Paradoo Prime

Project Gallery

Here are some of our favourite photos and features of the project. 

Yard Cover with skylights in the gable end

One of the more unique design features on this project was the skylights installed in the gable infill. This meant the gable infill ticked two boxes at once: providing workers with weather protection and natural light. 

TIM LEEMING | PARADOO PRIME on the importance of quality farm shed infrastructure at Cobbity.

We recently spoke with Tim on his experiences working with Action and he shared some valuable insights into how they have transformed the Cobbity property into a thriving farm.

Tim highlights some of the many benefits covered yards can provide from adding flexibility to your work routine to improving working conditions.

Another key point Tim comments on is how good infrastructure is crucial to both reducing labour costs and improving safety and efficiency. 

“One of your biggest costs in most businesses is labour and if we can do operations on the farm on time with minimal labour, do it safely and efficiently, that is super important for us.”

As well as keeping your operations running safely and smoothly, with the current labour shortage, it is also worth considering that improved working condition helps improve staff retention. 

This ensures you are not held up by unreliable labour, saves you time and money recruiting and also helps establish a reputation as a great place to work. 

And then there are the other advantages such as improved animal comfort.

“…now we’re in comfort ourselves … contractors and staff.  And also, I think the sheep really appreciate being drier than covered in mud.”

You can learn more about the advantages of covered yards here – Why You Should Invest In A Yard Cover

And keep reading to learn about the most recent project completed for Paradoo Prime!

ABOUT THE PROJECT – Multi-purpose Shed At Cobbity

Project Overview

Size: 34m (L) x 18m (W) x 7.5m (H) hay/machinery shed with two metre canopy

Location: Cobbity, Pigeon Ponds VIC

Build Date: 2022

Project Details

The most recent shed build for Paradoo Prime is a multi-purpose storage shed which will centralise fodder, machinery, and chemical/spray storage.

This will essentially become a feed hub at the newly constructed automated feedlot and nearby containment areas. 

Paradoo Prime Multi-Purpose New Farm Shed Build

Some of the key features and design details include:

  • A two-metre canopy is a cost-effective way to provide additional weather protection for the contents of the shed, without having to upsize the overall shed.
  • The custom gutter system means that downpipes are not required down the face of the columns, helping to prevent the downpipes being damaged by machinery and keeping water away from the contents of the shed.
  • Sliding doors have been used to create an enclosed bay for an undercover working area. This working area also features skylights and a window which provides excellent natural light and a personal access door for quick and easy access.
  • Built as a multi-use shed, two features that make this a versatile shed design are the height and the bay spacing. A height of 7.5 metres means that Tim will be able to stack eight big square bales high if required. This height also ensures that there is still adequate clearance for machinery under the sliding door beam. The 8.5 metre bay spacings are a smart choice as they are suited to both hay and machinery storage. This bay width provides extra ‘wriggle room’ when loading and unloading the shed, making that task easier and less stressful!
  • One of the standout details of this project is not the shed itself, but the site preparation. A well-prepared shed site is often an overlooked detail, but it is an important step towards a smooth shed building process. It makes it easier for the construction team to access the site and build the shed quickly and neatly. A good shed pad can also prevent the shed build being held up by bad weather. And the benefits continue after the shed installation too, with easy access, good drainage, a dry shed pad and a neat and tidy property!

Project Gallery

Here are some of our favourite photos of this project! Browse the gallery for inspiration for your multi-purpose farm shed project.


“There’s no doubt they won’t be coming down or falling down in a hurry!  They’re an extremely solid build.”

We really appreciate the opportunity of working with progressive industry leaders like Tim and Georgie. Their commitment to their purpose and passion is certainly reflected in the day to day running of Paradoo and the quality of their infrastructure.

We look forward to continuing to work partner with them. And we’re proud to be their trusted farm shed supplier.

“We’re really impressed with the quality control, really impressed with the contractors that have put sheds up and the follow up too … that’s really professional. There’s no complaints from us. It’s all been good.”
Tim Leeming
Tim Leeming
Paradoo Prime
Tim Leeming - Paradoo Prime and Lennie Grace - Action Steel

Useful Resources

Here are some useful resources to help you kickstart your project planning.

We hope you have enjoyed this article! For more articles like this, check out the suggestions below or browse our Learning Hub. Or if you would like to learn how we could become your trusted farm shed supplier, give us a call or send us a message. We would be happy to discuss your farm shed infrastructure project and how we could help.

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