27 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover For Wallaloo Park

Featured Project – 27 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover For Wallaloo Park

The sheep yard cover trend continues!

We’ve completed a number of exciting sheep yard cover builds recently, including the impressive project for Wallaloo Park.

This project is an excellent example of a well-planned and well-designed yard cover – which is evidenced by the attention given to the small details.

27 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover For Wallaloo Park


Located at Marnoo in Western Victoria, Wallaloo Park is owned and managed by the Carter Family: John and Jenny Carter and Trent and Kate Carter.

The business is a mixed operation with cropping and livestock enterprises, including the Wallaloo Park Merino Stud which was founded in 1978. 

The stud is at the forefront of the merino and poll merino industry with a strong focus on enhancing genetic gains.

Learn more about Wallaloo Park, here

Sheep Yard Cover For Wallaloo Park

The newly built covered yards are an excellent facility and it is an investment that reflects Wallaloo Park’s reputation as an industry leader.

Keep scrolling to learn about the details and design of the yard cover build. 


Size: 36m x 27m x 4.45m with 6-metre canopies on both sides

Build Date: 2022

Yard Supplier: ProWay Livestock Equipment

Location: Marnoo VIC


Here are some of the key details and design considerations of the build. 
  • Six-metre canopies provide additional coverage and weather protection without columns impeding on the yard layout. This is also a cost-effective way to increase the coverage area without having to upsize the span, allowing a standard size span to be used.
  • As well as a standard size span, the design incorporates 9-metre bay spacings which are a cost-effective bay spacing option. These aren’t always an option for a yard cover build though, particularly if the cover is being built over existing yards. In this instance, we would recommend varying the bay spacings to accommodate the yard layout, and our building consultants are more than happy to visit the site to take these measurements. 
Wallaloo Park Project - Undercover Yards
  •  Clear sheet gable infills provide excellent natural light through the cover. High bay lights have been suspended from the roof structure through the cover to allow the facilities to be used in low-light hours and at night. This lighting is also a lot more reliable than skylights when completing tasks like classing wool.
  •  A ridge vent helps with the airflow through the cover which is an important consideration on a cover of this size. Everyone benefits from more comfortable working conditions. 
Some of the other details include the custom and box gutter systems and extra column length to accommodate the fall over the site. 


A price guide for a similar project in 2023 would be approx. $175,000 – $195,000 including GST, footings and erection costs. 


Here are some of our favourite photos of the project. Browse the gallery for ideas and inspiration for your project. 

We hope the sheep yard cover built for Wallaloo Park has given you some ideas to think about for your project.

If you are planning to cover your sheep yards, check out the resources below.


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