Open front hay storage shed

How Long Can You Store Hay For?

How long can you store hay for? Is year old hay still good?

How long your hay lasts will depend on how you store your hay. If you store your hay in a well-designed open-front hay shedyour hay should come out of the shed in the same condition as it went in.

Open front hay storage shed

A well-designed hayshed is important for protecting your hay from weather damage, retaining quality, preventing nutrient loss and mould growth, and providing good air movement and ventilation.

Hot dip galvanised steel, custom gutter systems and the right orientation of the shed all contribute to how well you shed protects the hay. An Action Steel hay shed has all these features and will allow you to keep your hay stored for years.

The obvious advantages of this include providing feed security for times of drought and allowing you to store your hay now and sell when prices are higher.

Is year old hay still good?

Yes, provided it is good quality hay to begin with and has been stored correctly, hay that is a year or more old can be safely used or sold.

Conduct regular tests of your hay, though, to ensure that it isn’t at risk of the quality deteriorating and to identify any bales with high moisture levels which can lead to spontaneous combustion.

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Can I claim my hay shed as a tax deduction?

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