50 Of The Best Farm Shed Photos In 2021

The best farm shed photos of 2021 are the perfect starting point for getting ideas and inspiration for your next shed build. Read on for our brief recap of 2021 shed trends, and browse the selection of photos. 

There was an overall sense of positivity in Australian agriculture in 2021, and there was some exciting farm shed projects completed. In particular, the upward trend of investing in yard covers and improved shearing facilities continued, with an increased focus on worker safety and low-stress stock handling. Safety was a common theme in 2021, with chemical sheds also proving popular.

We always enjoy visiting projects – when Covid restrictions allow! So, we’ve rounded up 50 of the best farm shed photos from site visits this year, for your viewing pleasure. 

Click through the galleries to learn more about the projects. 

Yard covers

There have been 80 yard cover builds on the go in 2021, with many farmers covering existing yards. We have also worked in with a number of leading fit-out suppliers for those investing in a new yard system as well, to ensure a seamless build. 

On-farm sale sheds

With an easing of restrictions towards the end of the year, we were pleased to be able to attend several on-farm sales and see the sale sheds in action. If you are looking to make an impression at your next on-farm ram sale or bull sale, these projects are excellent examples of how to do just that. 

Farm machinery sheds

Protecting farm machinery in a shed has been a priority in 2021, particularly for large-scale cropping enterprises and contractors. Canopies and larger bay spacings for machinery sheds are two trends from 2020 that continued throughout 2021. 

Shearing sheds

Who doesn’t love a new shearing shed? We were excited to be involved in a number of state-of-the art shearing shed builds in 2021, with the shearing complex for Wirrinourt Pastoral being a standout. With several others nearing completion in the new year, we look forward to sharing photos of the finished projects. 

Fodder storage sheds

Good fodder storage infrastructure is always important, and three-sided hay sheds or grain sheds have proved to be a popular and versatile investment again. The instant asset write-off is also still available for many of these projects (provided requirements are met) – so if you are considering investing in fodder storage in 2022, it would be worth keeping this in mind. 

Farm sheds under construction

We have more than 50 sub-contract construction teams across Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales – and they have been kept busy in 2021! Here a few photos from onsite this year.

To see more of our recently completed projects, browse our Latest Projects gallery.

Farm shed brochures

Our shed guide brochures are a great starting point for planning your farm shed project. 

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