Three 64m x 24m x 7.5m open-front hay sheds

Tips For Planning Your Hay Storage

We have collated a number of tips to help you plan your hay storage.


Build your hay shed to accommodate future needs and the possibility of expansion. Provision can be made for the addition of a cantilevered canopy in the future.

Bale sizes and arrangements can influence what size will work best for your shed and the bay spacing. For example, 8 metre bays allow three big square bales (or five round bales) to be stacked between each column.


We generally recommend a three-sided shed for hay storage as this provides the best protection for your hay.

Other options include roof-only, one-sided or two-sided with provision made for further cladding in the future.


The site for your hay shed should be suitable for all weather conditions, well-drained, level and easily accessible.

Ideally the shed should be built away from other assets to minimise loss if the hay does spontaneously combust.


Your hay shed opening should face away from the prevailing wind to prevent wind and rain damage to the hay.


Make sure stacks are stable and adequate room between them for ventilation and drainage.

Use clear signage to make workers aware of dangers like falling bales and powerlines.


Fire safety

Check temperature and moisture levels of hay regularly – separate any hot bales from the stack. Take care when temperatures exceed 80°C as movement and oxygen at this temperature can cause combustion.

Having good ventilation in your hay shed and pressurised water easily accessible also helps to minimise the risk of fire.

Find more suggestions like this in our farm fire safety guide.


Hay can create moisture traps around the base of columns which is why Action Steel sheds are fully hot-dip galvanised.

An Action Steel hay shed is also made from Australian-made steel making it an investment that will stand the test of time.


Carefully research your hay shed requirements and remember our building consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Some things to keep in mind include:

For more ideas for your new hay shed download a copy of our brochure here

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