Gilmac export hay storage shed

What Size Hay Shed Do I Need?

If you are wondering what size hay shed you need to store all your hay bales, here is a handy guide.

1,000 bales

Options for storing 1,000 bales of hay include

  • 32m(L) x 18m(W) x 6m(H) – 1,008 bales
  • 40m(L) x 15m(W) x 6m(H) – 1080 bales
  • 24m(L) x 18m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 1008 bales
  • 32m(L) x 15m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 1150 bales

2,000 bales

Options for storing 2,000 bales of hay include

  • 48m(L) x 24m(W) x 6m(H) – 2050 bales
  • 40m(L) x 27m(W) x 6m(H) – 1890 bales
  • 40m(L) x 24m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 2250 bales
  • 40m(L) x 21m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 2,040 bales

2,500 bales

Options for storing 2,500 bales of hay include

  • 48m(L) x 21m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 2450 bales
  • 40m(L) x 27m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 2520 bales

3,500 bales

Options for storing 3,500 bales of hay include

  • 56m(L) x 27m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 3520 bales
  • 64m(L) x 24m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 3650 bales
  • 72m(L) x 21m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 3,670 bales

4,500 bales

Options for storing 4,500 bales of hay include

  • 64m(L) x 30m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 4410 bales
  • 72m(L) x 27m(L) x 7.5m(H) – 4540 bales
  • 80m(L) x 24m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 4560 bales
  • 88m(L) x 21m(W) x 7.5m(H) – 4490 bales

Our team is more than happy to look at all your options and work out what size is most cost-effective and practical – as well as providing a cost per bale figure to help you with your comparisons.

If you aren’t sure what size hay shed will work best for you, talk to a building consultant on 1800 68 78 88.

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What bay spacing is best for my hay shed?

The most cost-effective and practical bay spacing for hay sheds is between 8m (26’) and 8.5m (28’).

Gilmac export hay storage shed

How high does my shed need to be?

The height of a hay shed is mainly governed by the capacity of the equipment that the farmer uses to load/unload their shed


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