3 Warning Signs Your Milking Shed Needs Replacing

The milking shed is the most important part of any dairy farming business which is why it needs to be kept in good working order.

Dairy environments are highly corrosive, meaning that if you don’t keep on top of your maintenance schedule, it’s easy to find yourself facing not only a large repair or replacement project but also a slowdown in your dairy farm’s operating capacity.

Here are 3 warning signs that may indicate that your shed needs replacing.

1. Corrosion

A sign that your milking shed needs an overhaul is when the structure starts to rust.

Older rural sheds were often built from materials such as untreated, painted or pre-gal steel. While under normal circumstances these materials may be robust enough, they can quickly break down when exposed to animal waste and the harsh, corrosive elements of a diary. If you find that your shed is beginning to rust, it may be time to consider refurbishment or replacement.

Hot dip galvanised steel provides the ultimate corrosion protection (which you can learn about here) and this is why every Action shed has fully hot-dip galvanised columns and trusses.

2. An uneven or inappropriate base

If the base of your dairy shed has become uneven, it can cause poor drainage of water and increases the likelihood of foot rot in your cattle.

Additionally, cattle need a sturdy base on which they can have confident footing.  Grooved concrete floors are a common choice, except for eating areas, which should be smooth.

3. Poor dimensions

If you’ve inherited your dairy shed from an existing business, or your business has grown, you may find that your current shed isn’t big enough for what you need. Cramped conditions affect the well-being of your cattle and the working conditions for you and your workers.

Similarly, a shallow roof pitch can contribute to poor working conditions with poor ventilation and air flow through the shed.

A poorly designed layout and configuration for your milking shed can also impact on logistics and workflow.

If your milking shed is showing any of these signs it may be time to invest in a new one! Our building consultants are always happy to discuss details and options with you for your new shed project.

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