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Featured Project – A 27 Metre Span Bull Sale Arena Shed & Cattle Yard Cover

Leading beef and sheep producers across Australia are investing in on-farm sale facilities such as sale arena sheds and yard covers – and it is for a good reason too! Building an on-farm sale shed facility for ram sales and bull sales provides a series of benefits and positive flow-on effects.

First and foremost is the opportunity to make a positive impression at your sale – and what better way than a state-of-the-art facility that reflects the quality and superiority of your stud and stock.

With a strong industry focus on animal comfort, the low-stress conditions on-farm sale sheds and covered yards provide are another drawcard – keeping livestock out of the weather helps keep livestock calm and comfortable. This makes working conditions safer and more enjoyable for you too!

Most on-farm sale facilities are also versatile and multipurpose investments. 

Sale Shed For Banquet Angus

These are just some of the reasons why progressive industry leaders like Angus Seedstock Operation and long-term Action Steel customer, Banquet Angus are investing in infrastructure for their on-farm sales.  

Action Steel worked in with ProWay Livestock Equipment to design and build a new sale venue for Banquet Angus, with the impressive 27-metre span sale arena shed and covered cattle yards project completed in time for Banquet Angus’ 30 years celebration and their  23rd Annual Autumn On-Farm Sale.   

Keep reading to learn more about Banquet Angus, their big and bold bulls, sale results, and of course, the details and features of the completed sale shed project.

About Banquet Angus

Banquet Angus is a predominately Angus cattle operation, owned and operated by the Branson Family; Noeleen, Stephen, Gordon, Diana and Hamish. Founded in 1991 by Stephen and Noeleen, Banquet Angus has a rich thirty-year history

About Banquet Angus

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The Banquet Angus breeding program has focused on bigger framed, heavier boned steers using line bred, outcross genetics.

“Simply put, Big Bold Banquet Bulls are more powerful, thicker, longer, stronger bone and grow quicker, while also being more docile than most other Angus cattle. They are the cattle that will give producers greater profit and processors high yielding carcasses.”

You can learn more about the breeding philosophy and what makes Banquet Bulls different, here

About The Project

“Some 18 months ago the Family made the decision to develop cattle yards and a Sale Venue at ‘Sunnyside’, the spiritual home of Banquet on the side of Mount Shadwell. This facility will make dealing with hundreds of bulls each year safer and more enjoyable.” – Stephen and Noeleen Branson


Size: 51m x 27m x 4.5m

Location: Mortlake VIC

Build date: November 2021

 Working with Banquet Angus on previous projects, we knew that it was important that the design, aesthetics and quality of the overall build was completed to a high standard – and thus reflected Banquet Angus’ stellar reputation in the beef industry. Therefore, a lot of consideration was put into details like site location, access points, water catchment and lighting.

The cattle yard cover component was designed to work in seamlessly with the ProWay yards and includes features such as the southern wall enclosed for the ultimate weather protection, and wall vents and sliding doors to provide airflow through the facility when needed.

Like many other custom built sale venues, the project is a versatile investment with the cattle yard cover able to be used as part of the general farm operation going forward – the selling arena can also easily double up as machinery storage when not in use.

Other design features and details of the project include:

  • Both skylights and hi-bay lighting are installed over the yards meaning the undercover yard area can be used at any time of the day (or night!).
  • A shed eave height of 4.5 metres provides adequate clearance height for machinery access if required, while partial cladding to two sides of the cattle yard cover provides extra weather protection without complete blocking the airflow through the cover.
  • A large custom gutter system installed to both sides of the shed allows all stormwater to be run to each shed corner.
  • Cattle access the sale ring though sliding doors from the cattle yards and large door openings into the selling arena provide excellent access to the shed. 

Project Photo Gallery

Click through the gallery below to see the sale arena shed project in more detail.

23rd Annual Autumn On-Property Sale Results

Congratulations to the Branson family and the team at Banquet Angus on a successful sale. The 23rd Annual On-Property Sale on the 24th February 2022 was an excellent celebration of 30 years of Banquet Angus! 
Banquet Sale
  • A total clearance of 101 bulls to an average of $17,942.
  • The top priced bull was Lot 46 sold to Glenlock Angus and Quarter Way Angus, purchased for $62,000.
  • A total clearance of 26 stud females to an average of $11,293. 
  • The top priced female was Lot 7 sold to Carracher family, purchased for $30,000. 

Celebrating 30 Years of Banquet Angus

Thirty years of business is no small feat and is a testament to Stephen and Noeleen’s passion and commitment.
30 years of Banquet Angus

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It is also fantastic to see the bright future ahead for Banquet Angus with the involvement of the next generation: 

“Most importantly this investment driven by the next generation of Banquet, is a monument to their commitment to the long-term future of Banquet.” – Stephen and Noeleen Branson

The team at Action Steel would like to thank Stephen, Noeleen, Gordon, Diana and Hamish for the opportunity to work with them again and we look forward to supporting Banquet Angus for many years to come!

The video below captures what Banquet Angus is all about and reflects the culmination of years of hard work.

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Like sale sheds, shearing sheds and sheep yard covers have also been a popular investment in recent years as producers look to provide safe working conditions and improve staff retention and animal comfort. You can learn more about these trends, here



At Action Steel, we’re proud to be supplying livestock and cropping enterprises across Australia with quality farm sheds, such as hay shedsgrain sheds and the sale shed facility designed and built for Banquet Angus.

Our vision is to become the most trusted farm shed supplier, and we would love to become yours too. As a Registered Builder, we manage the shed build from start to finish, including the council permit process, to create a hassle-free experience for you.

If you have a farm shed project you would like to discuss, call 1800 68 78 88 to have a chat with one of our building consultants about shed designs and ideas. Alternatively, our Learning Hub is an excellent place to start planning your shed project with helpful articles, useful videos and the latest brochures.

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