Calving shed with canopy

Featured Project – 27 Metre Span Calving Shed With Canopy

Calving sheds are more popular than ever! 

In particular, one of the most popular designs has been the calving shed with canopy.

With the continued demand for new calving shed builds, we thought we would revisit the 27 metre span calving shed project built in 2021. 

Since then, this project at Bungador has been used as the blueprint for an effective calving shed design for many dairies across Victoria.

This calving shed design delivers improved animal comfort and performance by creating a low-stress environment, makes your job easier and guarantees a long-lasting asset. 

Keep reading to learn exactly how this has been achieved with the calving shed with canopy design.

About The Project

Size: 50m (L) x 27m (W) x 5m (H) with 5 metre canopy

Build Date: 2021

Location: Bungador VIC

Project Details

This calving shed with canopy design is widely considered to be a best-practice design. As a result, this is a design that has been replicated many times.

What makes this design so popular?

There are several details incorporated in the design that means it ticks all the boxes. 

  • The two-sided configuration is arguably the best option for a calving shed. 

One of the main advantages of this configuration is that it delivers on weather protection, while also ensuring that there is effective ventilation to reduce ammonia. This is further enhanced with the design features we mention below such as ridge vents and a canopy. Gable infills in the open gable end are another excellent addition as they provide protection from the prevailing weather. 

  • Concrete panels on the two enclosed walls protect the cladding from rust in a highly corrosive environment. 

Concrete panels will also protect the cladding from machinery damage and make cleaning and maintaining the shed easier, making them a must-have inclusion for calving sheds. We manufacture pre-cast concrete panels in-house so they can be a cost-effective inclusion too, compared to using a third-party supplier.

Calving shed with canopy
  • Cantilevered canopies have become really popular in recent years for calving sheds. 

The advantage of including a canopy in the shed design is that it gains additional coverage and shelter. A canopy is a much more cost-effective way to achieve this compared to upsizing the whole shed. 

A canopy over feed lanes and feed troughs is also a great way to reduce feed wastage. According to Dairy Australia, up to 30% of feed can be wasted when it is fed out on bare ground in the paddock or along a roadway.

  • Having effective ventilation through the shed is incredibly important and this design achieves this with a number of features. 

As well as having two-open sides, this shed has a ridge vent to ensure ventilation is consistent through the shed. A ridge vent is recommended for a span of this size. A sliding door in the closed gable end can also be opened for additional airflow.

  • Carefully planned access points are important for any shed build. In addition to the sliding door in the gable end, this project also has a site layout that allows easy machinery access to the shed. 

A well-planned and prepared site with good drainage will also keep the site dry and and accessible in wet weather.  A custom gutter system has been installed to direct rain water away from the shed to help keep the bedding and site as dry as possible. The concrete apron under the canopy is another excellent addition. 

Some other features and design considerations of this project are the standard size span and skylights in each bay to take advantage of the available natural light. 

Calving Shed With Canopy Price Guide

As a price guide, you can expect to pay around $240,000 – $295,000 including GST, footings and installation for a similar calving shed with canopy.

You can learn more about calving shed prices in our price guide – How Much Does It Cost To Build A Calving Shed?

Project Gallery

Browse the gallery below to view the project and design features in more detail.

Useful Resources

Here are some other resources and articles that may assist you with your project planning.

For more advise on calving shed design, our building consultants are always more than happy to discuss ideas, options and recommendations.

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