Concrete Panel Grain Shed with well prepared site

Featured Project – 27 Metre Span Concrete Panel Grain Shed

Grain sheds have become an increasingly popular option for growers looking to maximise their on-farm storage capacity. 

This trend is expected to continue through 2023 as grain growers seek to capitalise on fluctuations in market prices, storing their grain until the price is right. 

The value of a well-designed grain shed cannot be overstated. A well-designed grain shed will provide effective aeration, a low storage cost per tonne and, most importantly, maintain the quality of your grain. 

And the most secure grain shed design is a fully enclosed concrete panel grain shed.

The concrete panel grain shed project completed for Banyandah Pastoral is an excellent example. 

The project also showcases Action’s product and service offering from shed design and manufacture, concrete panel manufacturing and council permit applications, right through to installation. 

Keep reading to learn about the detail and features of the project.

Banyandah Pastoral

And, if you are looking to upgrade your on-farm grain storage, you will find more ideas and inspiration in the galleries and additional grain shed resources.

About The Project

Size: 68.75m x 27m x 7.5m 

Capacity: Approx. 6,300 tonnes of faba beans

Location: Banyandah Pastoral, Dundonnell VIC

Build Date: 2022


Project Details

Here are some of the key details and design considerations of this grain shed build. 

  • A 27-metre span is a popular size from our standard span range, making it a cost-effective option and meant the project moved efficiently through the workshop.
  • The height of 7.5 metres provides adequate clearance for truck access and tipping inside the shed. This is an important detail to address in the design stage as it is very difficult to make a shed higher once it has been manufactured and installed. 
  • A roof pitch of 21 degrees accommodates the internal angle of repose of the grain stack. This ensures that there is sufficient height clearance in the centre of the shed for the grain. 
Truck Tipping Grain
Concrete Panel Grain Storage Shed - Sliding Door access
Concrete Panel Grain Shed with well prepared site
  • Sliding doors in the gable ends makes access for loading and unloading quick and easy. These can be closed to create a secure, lock-up grain storage area.
  • The gutter system installed includes two 200mm custom gutters and a rainhead sump. This system is configured so that the stormwater run-off is directed away from the grain, preventing moisture damage and this also helps keep the site dry and accessible. 
  • The well-prepared site provides excellent access, helping to makee logistics at harvest less stressful and more streamlined. The quality of the site preparation also ensured the shed install was not held up by inclement weather.

Watch the video below for tips on how to prepare an ideal shed site.

  • Concrete panels to 3.5 metres high were engineered to support the grain load and were manufactured at the Action pre-cast concrete panel plant. These will increase the longevity of the shed particularly in comparison with an inside-out grain shed where there is a greater risk of the wall cladding being damaged during loading and unloading. One of the other advantages of concrete panel walls is that it means the shed is also suited to fertiliser storage, for when grain storage is not a requirement. 
  • An 180mm thick concrete floor slab throughout the shed and 6 metre concrete aprons adjacent to the sliding doors were also coordinated by the Action project team. These make accessing the shed, unloading and loading the shed and cleaning the shed out much easier tasks. While a 150mm concrete slab is usually adequate for a machinery shed, the additional thickness is required to accommodate the grain load and trucks accessing the shed.

Project Price Guide

 A price guide for a similar project in 2023 would be approx. $850,000 – $920,000. This approximate price range includes GST, footings, concrete panels and slab and erection costs. 

This works out to be approx. $140/tonne including GST for the completed project. 

Project Gallery 

View the project during construction, from roof lift through to concrete panel install, concrete slab pour and completion!
Banyandah Pastoral

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And that’s a wrap on this recently built concrete panel grain shed! To find out how we could assist you with your on-farm grain storage, please do not hesitate to give us a call! We would be happy to assist. 

Learn more about our shed range, here, or browse our Learning Hub for more resources and brochures.  

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