Open front machinery shed

Featured Project – A 30 Metre Span Machinery Shed

Completed in early 2020, this open-front farm machinery shed  built at Derrinallum provides effective and accessible machinery storage.

Project Overview

Size: 56m x 30m x 6m 

Location: Derrinallum VIC

Build Date: 2020


Project Features

  • The shed design consists of seven 8-metre bays which is one of the most popular bay sizes for both hay sheds and machinery sheds – although we are seeing more of a trend towards 8.5-metre bay widths and bigger. During the hay season, three 2.4 metre-long square bales will be able to be stacked between the columns, and stacked six high, making the shed a versatile investment.
  • The 30-metre span width provides adequate length for a B-double, while being six metres high ensures the shed has enough clearance for machinery such as air seeders.
  • A clear and well-prepared site around the shed makes access easier and safer for long machinery – the importance of good site preparation shouldn’t be underestimated. 
  • custom gutter system means that downpipes are not required down the face of the columns. 


Project Gallery

Browse the gallery below to see the shed features in closer detail.

Useful Resources

Here is a collection of videos that might help you with your farm machinery shed project plans and designs. 

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Ben, one of our project managers, outlines what you need to do to ensure you have the best shed pad possible. 

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Should I Install A Canopy On My Shed? Should I Include A Girder Truss In My Machinery Shed Design?

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Check out our Learning Hub for brochures, more helpful videos and articles like this. If you have any questions when planning your machinery shed build, please don’t hesitate to call us for ideas and shed design advice. 

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