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Featured Project – 24 Metre Span Shearing Shed Complex

Having safe and up-to-date shearing sheds and amenities continues to be important as shearing teams prioritise jobs with good working conditions, facilities and amenities. 

Securing reliable labour isn’t the only advantage either! A new shearing shed build improves operational efficiencies and helps the wider industry image. This is why we continue to see investment in state-of-the-art shearing shed complexes by Australia’s leading wool growers. 

Shearing Shed Complex at Skipton

One of the most recent shearing shed complex projects completed by Action is the 24-metre span facility at Skipton in the Western District of Victoria.

Keep reading to learn about the project, which was a successful collaboration with Commander Ag Quip, and to find inspiration for your build. 


Size: 88m x 24m x 5.5m
Build Date: 2022
Fit Out Supplier: Commander Ag Quip
Location: Skipton VIC
Shearing Shed Complex at Skipton - aerial view


We worked alongside Commander Ag Quip and our installation team, J-Con, to deliver this impressive facility. This ensured the fit out and shed component of the project fitted together seamlessly.

 Here are some of the key design features and details of the shearing shed complex.

  • The single gable configuration incorporates covered yards which are used to keep sheep dry ahead of shearing. This is typically more cost-effective than having more sheep on grating.
  • The building has excellent access with well-planned placement of sliding doors. 
  • Good ventilation is an important consideration of a project this size and it has been achieved with a combination of ridge and wall vents, sliding doors and fans over the board. Insulation in the roof of the shearing shed also helps to keep conditions comfortable in the shed and prevents condensation from dripping onto the board.
  • The ACTION custom gutter system which is plumbed to each end of the shed helps capitalise on the opportunity to capture a substantial amount of rainwater run off. Use the rainwater calculator, here, to calculate how much stormwater your shed roof could harvest. 
  • High-bay lights through the shearing shed and yard cover keep the facility well lit, particularly over the board and in the wool handling areas. 
  • The spacious wool room area will be able to be repurposed as a machinery or equipment storage area when the shearing shed is not in use. 


A similar shearing shed complex in 2023 would cost approx. $385,000 – $415,000 including GST, installation and footings. This does not include the cost of the fit-out component though. 
If you are budgeting for a shearing shed fit-out, you can expect a modular-style fit-out to cost about $20,000 per stand excluding installation. 
And there are a number of factors that will influence the final price too such as the amount of grating, the board design and flooring options. You can learn more about how to budget for a fit-out, here


Here are some of our favourite photos of this build. Browse the gallery to view the project in more detail and see how it all works.


If you are planning a similar project to this build, we hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for your shearing shed complex! Here are some handy resources to help with your planning. 
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