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Preparing For The 2020 Hay Season

We have recently updated our hay season resources to help you prepare for this hay season and make sure your storage is properly prepared and ready when you need it to be.

Here are some guides, videos and articles to help you plan your hay storage.

Our Latest Hay Shed Guide

Our latest hay shed guide e-brochure includes some our latest hay shed projects, case studies and updated information. 

Download a copy here


Recently Completed Action Hay Sheds

 Useful Articles

3 of the best four-bay shed designs

A four-bay farm shed is one of our most popular products due to their versatility and practicality. Our standard shed range includes several sizes and configurations for you to choose from for your four-bay farm shed.

Which way should my hay shed face?

“Which way should my shed face?” is a common question but a good one, so our building consultants have put together a quick guide on your options.

What you need to know about spontaneous combustion

Spontaneous combustion of hay occurs inside the hay and is fuelled by moisture, the ability of the moisture to escape the bale and the degree of biological activity.

How high does my hay shed need to be?

The height that your hay shed needs to be will be determined by the equipment that you use to load/unload the shed.

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