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Project Update – A 24m Span Machinery Shed

This open-front farm machinery shed project was completed in early 2019. Read on to learn more about the shed and for ideas for your machinery shed build. 

Project Overview

Size: 36m x 24m x 6m

Build Date: Early 2019

Location: Tatyoon VIC

Machinery Shed At Tatyoon with sliding door

Project Features

  • Sliding doors at one end of the shed provide easy access and means that machinery stored at the back of the shed isn’t boxed in.
  • The open-front configuration provides adequate light through the shed shed during the day without the need for hi-bay lights. This configuration is also the most versatile configuration for a storage shed as it is also suited to hay storage or grain storage.
  • custom gutter system prevents the downpipes being damaged or broken when loading or unloading the machinery as downpipes are only required at each end of the shed, rather than down the face of each column.
  • Bay spacings of 9 metres makes loading and unloading the shed easier, faster and safer. 

 Project Gallery

Click through the gallery below to see the completed shed in more detail.

Useful Resources

For more ideas for your machinery shed project, check out the videos below on shed site preparation, skylights and configurations – or browse our Learning Hub for more articles, videos and brochures. 
Top Tips For Preparing Your Shed Pad
A well-prepared shed site can make all the difference to your shed project, including avoiding erection delays and improving access. In the video below, Ben discusses our top ten tips to help you prepare the ideal shed pad. 

Should I Install Skylights In My Shed Project?

Skylights don’t work for every shed project, but there are some really good advantages of installing them that may make them a good fit for your project – including lowering the power bill! Lester discusses the different aspects of fiberglass skylights for farm sheds. 

What Is The Best Machinery Shed Configuration?

We’ve already discussed the versatility and some of the other advantages of an open-front configuration, but what are your other options – and which is best? In this video, Lennie outlines the three machinery shed configurations available and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We hope you have found this article informative! If you have any questions about your shed project, call us on 1800 68 78 88.

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