Project Update – A 27m Span Sheep Yard Cover

Action Steel collaborated with yard supplier ProWay Livestock Equipment on this 27 metre span sheep yard cover. Keep reading to learn about the project in more detail and to get ideas and inspiration for build a roof over your sheep yards. 

Project Overview

Size: 38m x 27m x 4.2m 

Location: Tarrayoukyan VIC

Build Date: 2019


Project Features

  • One side wall is fully clad to shelter both the sheep and those working in the yards from the prevailing weather – sliding doors ensure the cover is still easily accessible from this side. A gable infill to one end also provides extra weather protection while still allowing for adequate airflow through the cover.
  • Skylights in the roof allow workers to take full advantage of the natural light while working in the sheep yard. The semi-opaque fibreglass product used is high quality and doesn’t cast shadows on the ground below, helping with the flow of the sheep through the yards.
  • The design and project teams at both Action Steel and ProWay shared plans and designs to ensure there was a seamless fit, so that no yard cover columns impeded with the yard design and placement. 

Project Gallery

View photos of the completed sheep yard cover project in the gallery below. 

Useful Resources

If you are planning on putting a roof over your sheep yards, you may find this collection of resources helpful.

The Steps To Planning A Yard Cover

We have broken the planning process for a yard cover project down to six simple steps:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Yards and yard design
  3. Size and seamless fit
  4. Site location and preparation
  5. Design and customisation
  6. Materials
Learn more about each of these steps in this article – The 6 Steps To Planning A Yard Cover

With yard covers becoming an important part of many sheep farming operations, make sure your new yard cover design has these 5 things:

  1. Hot dip galvanised columns and trusses
  2. Extra coverage over your yards
  3. Gable infills and partially clad walls
  4. Skylights or artificial lighting
  5. Rainwater harvesting and storage

We discuss each of these points in this article, here

Should I Install Skylights In My Shed Project?

Skylights don’t suit every shed project, but there are some really good reasons to consider including them in a sheep yard cover project. Lester discusses these reasons and more in the video below.

We hope this featured project has given you some ideas for your sheep yard cover project. You might also like to check out our latest projects gallery for more inspiration, otherwise browse our Learning Hub for more useful resources. 

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