Action Steel machinery shed with canopy

Featured Project – A 24 Metre Span Machinery Shed With Canopy

A 42.5m x 24m x 7.5m machinery shed with canopy completed earlier this year at Werrimull VIC. This shed size has been popular for both hay sheds and machinery sheds over the past 12 months due to its versatility and practicality.

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Click through the gallery below to view some of our favourite photos of the project, photographed by Darren Seiler

Project Features

Features of this machinery shed project, which you can see in the photos above,  include:

  • A custom gutter system 

The main benefit of a custom gutter system is that downpipes are plumbed to each end, out of the way machinery. You can learn more about this system, here

A shed roof like this also provides a great opportunity to capture run off, and could potentially capture 268,800 litres per annum (based off a yearly rainfall of 200mm). To calculate how much water you could capture from your shed roof, use our rainwater harvest calculator which you can access here.  

  • A cantilevered canopy

The inclusion of an 8-metre cantilevered canopy provides extra protection for the machinery inside the shed and means that longer machinery (such as a full-length B-Double) can be stored fully under cover.

Canopies are proving very popular for machinery sheds and hay shed projects. If you are thinking of including a canopy on your machinery shed project, you may find this article useful: Installing A Canopy On Your Shed
  •  Cladding

This shed features traditional corrugated iron cladding in zinc. 

The majority of farm sheds are clad in zinc cladding as it is both durable and cost-effective, whereas the Trimclad cladding profile is usually more popular than corrugated iron profile. 

  • Bay spacings

Bay spacings of 8.5 metres ensure that there is ample room when moving large farm machinery. 

Other common bay widths for machinery sheds are 8 metres and 9 metres – or where a wider bay opening is required a girder truss can be used to achieve a double bay opening. Talk to our team to determine what bay spacings will be required for your machinery.

To view more farm shed builds like this machinery shed, check out our Latest Projects gallery. 

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