9 Of Our Favourite Farm Sheds In New South Wales

9 Of Our Favourite Farm Sheds In New South Wales

Planning a new farm shed build in NSW? Researching NSW farm shed builders? Looking for inspiration and examples of farm sheds in New South Wales?

Over the past twelve months, the Action team have designed and built more than 50 farm sheds across New South Wales, with hay sheds and machinery sheds both proving to be popular.

We have collated nine of our favourite shed builds in NSW to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your shed project.

9 Of Our Favourite Farm Sheds In New South Wales

We have included some smart machinery shed designs, cost-effective hay sheds and recent covered yards projects.

Keep reading to learn about these projects and click through the galleries to view them in detail.

9 Of Our Favourite Farm Sheds In New South Wales

The first project we have included in this list is a machinery shed recently completed at Bellatta in north-central New South Wales.

It is a popular project and made our list of top machinery shed projects, too.

1. Open Gable End Machinery Shed With Skillions

If you are looking for a shed that provides easily accessible shelter for both long and wide machinery, this design delivers.

Size: 45m (L) x 24m (W) x 7.5m (H) with 15 metre skillions

Build Date: 2022

Location: Bellata NSW

Open gable ends and double bay openings on the long side provide easy access to the shed from both sides – for both long and wide machinery.

An open gable end or drive-through configuration is the most cost-effective way to achieve a wide opening. It is also a cost-effective option for storing long machinery. 

2. 21 Metre Span Machinery Storage & Workshop Shed

This project effectively uses one of the most popular machinery workshop configurations – the open-front configuration with an enclosed bay.

The design also incorporates a cantilevered canopy which is a good inclusion to consider for a storage/workshop shed. A canopy provides advantages such as additional weather protection and quick and easy access to shelter for machinery.

Size: 44m (L) x 21m (W) x 6m (H) with 4 metre canopy

Build Date: 2022

Location: Urana NSW

Click through the gallery below to view the project in more detail. 

3. 30 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover

This project is a great example of a classic yard cover with gable infills and partially clad walls.

What worked well on this project was using a standard size span and standard size bay spacings of 8 metres. These aren’t always practical options for yard covers though, so we can make changes to spans and bay spacings to suit your yard set-up.

Size: 40m (L) x 30m (W) x 3m (H)

Build Date: 2022

Location: Ariah Park NSW

In the gallery of photos below you can see some of the features such as the custom gutter system and partially clad walls. 

4. 24 Metre Span Hay Shed

If you are looking to store around 2000 – 2,280 big square bales, this hay shed does it very cost-effectively.

Or you could go a step further and upsize the bay spacings to 8.5 metres to provide a bit more ‘wriggle room’ when loading and unloading the shed. This still works out to be very cost-effective per bale as it uses the same number of purlins as the 8.25-metre bay spacings.  

Using a standard 24-metre span also helps to create a cost-effective hay shed.

This shed also has hay bumps installed on the rear wall for another layer of safety and protection for the cladding.

Size: 41.25m (L) x 24m (W) x 7.5m (H)

Build Date: 2021

Location: Womboota NSW

5. 21 Metre Span Open Front Shed

This 21-metre span open-front shed is currently used for machinery storage but could be easily repurposed as a hay shed if required, making it a versatile investment.

The 9-metre bays make loading and unloading the shed a much less stressful task!

Size: 45m (L) x 21m (W) x 6m (H)

Build Date: 2021

Location: Kikoira NSW

6. 30 Metre Span Cattle Yard Cover

One of the most recently completed builds on this list, this yard cover was built for Corrie Vale Pastoral in 2023 along with a hay storage shed.

Size: 24m (L) x 30m (W) x 4m (H)

Build Date: 2023

Location: Mandurama NSW

This cattle-yard cover design uses standard 8-metre bay spacings and the 30-metre-wide span provides good coverage over the existing yads.  

Also, included in the gallery of photos below is the 40m x 21m x 6m hay/machinery shed project. 

7. 21 Metre Span Hay Shed

The 21m metre span farm shed has been very popular across NSW, and this hay shed is another excellent example. A highlight of this particular project is the Colorbond cladding which blends in perfectly with the surrounds. 

Size: 40m (L) x 21m (W) x 6m (H)

Build Date: 2023

Location: High Range NSW

One of the reasons this shed has been so popular is that it uses a standard-size span, and standard-size bay spacings and can be easily used for either machinery storage (as it is now) or hay storage. These details make it both a cost-effective and a versatile option.

Hay bumps have also been included in this project. 

8. 24 Metre Span Machinery Shed With Sliding Door

The standard 24 metre span is arguably even more popular than the 21-metre span. Like the 21-metre span, this size can be used for hay storage and machinery storage. The 24-metre width also provides good coverage for storing machinery like semis.

Completed in 2021, this machinery shed design prioritises easy access. This is achieved with 9-metre bay spacings and a sliding door in one gable end. The sliding door is well planned as it helps prevent smaller machinery from getting stuck at the back of the shed.

Size: 45m (L) x 24m (W) x 6m (H)

Build Date: 2021

Location: Corobimilla NSW

Check out some of our favourite photos of this project in the gallery below!

9. 15 Metre Span Machinery & Workshop Shed

If you are planning a machinery/workshop shed, it is hard to go past the open front configuration with one or more enclosed bays.

This project includes several features that contribute to a practical and functional set-up.

Sliding doors have been used to create an easily accessible and versatile storage and workshop area. A concrete slab through the shed makes conducting maintenance and repairs safer and easier.

Size: 32m (L) x 15m (W) x 6m (H)

Build Date: 2021

Location: Urana NSW

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