Best Farm Shed Build Photos

22 Of The Best Farm Shed Build Photos In 2022

And it’s a wrap for 2022!

What a year it has been!

The year has certainly had its challenges for the agriculture industry, from biosecurity threats and devastating flooding, to supply chain issues and inflation. 

But 2022 also bought positive changes and unique opportunities for progress and growth.

For example, it was fantastic to be back attending field days and industry events. 

And for Action Steel, 2022 was another opportunity to pursue our vision – To be the most trusted supplier of farm sheds – with our team designing, manufacturing and constructing hundreds of farm sheds across Australia. 

And there were some exciting developments too, with new faces joining the team and the commencement of the Action Steel pre-cast concrete plant.

As we reflect on the year, we thought we would share the best farm shed build photos in 2022. 

In this article, you’ll also find the most popular articles this year, shed trends in 2022 and the expectations for 2023. 

So, if you are planning a farm shed build in 2023 – this is the perfect starting point for ideas and inspiration. 

22 Of The Best Farm Shed Build Photos 

Browse the photos below for ideas and inspiration for your farm shed projects in 2023!

Farm Shed Trends In 2022

Curious about farm shed trends in 2022? What designs were popular? And which weren’t?

Here are some of the key farm shed trends we observed in 2022.

In comparison to previous years, there was a decline in new hay shed builds. Instead, there was an increased demand for grain sheds and fertiliser sheds. This was due to bumper grain crops and fertiliser supply challenges. 

There was also an increased demand for chemical sheds, with the importance (and convenience!) of having safe and secure on-farm chemical storage becoming much more widely recognised. Not only that but there are also chemical storage regulations in place that need to be met.

The demand for farm machinery sheds was on par with 2021, however, there was a trend towards multi-purpose sheds. For example, fully enclosed sheds with one or more bays dedicated to chemical storage and a spray area. 

It is worth noting here, that if you are planning to build a multipurpose shed make sure the design minimises fire risk. And check that your insurance policies allow co-storing and cover multi-use sheds!

Drive-through configurations also continued to be a common choice for machinery sheds. 

Other trends that carried over from 2021 included covered yard projects which continue to be very popular, particularly in Western Victoria and South-East South Australia. 

We also saw a high level of enquiry for calving sheds and some exciting dairy projects are currently under construction!

Design features such as canopies also remain a popular addition to farm shed builds including hay sheds, machinery sheds and calving sheds. And, as in previous years, the trend towards bigger bay spacings continues! 

So, that’s a very condensed overview of the farm sheds trends in 2022! 

It’s also always interesting to review which articles were the most popular. Here’s a round-up of the most-read farm shed articles in 2022!

Popular Articles In 2022

Looking Forward To 2023

So, what can we expect in 2023?
Firstly, the price of steel is expected to decrease. And while it is not likely to return to pre-Covid prices this will help reduce shed prices. So, that’s a positive! You can learn more about the predicted steel prices, here – Is The Price Of Steel Decreasing?
And many of the shed trends of 2022 are expected to continue in 2023. For example, having good on-farm grain storage facilities will remain important.  
Yard covers and feedlot covers are also likely to be popular, particularly with the rollout of the ALFA shade policy and the broader industry focus on animal welfare.
And while hay sheds weren’t a priority in 2022, they are likely to be a good investment for a profitable hay season in 2023. Or if you are a livestock producer, a hay shed can help you combat rising feed prices.
The other point to be considered in 2023 is the end of the Temporary Full Expensing initiative on the 30th of June. Temporary Full Expensing, which replaced the $150,000 instant asset write-off, currently allows the full cost of an eligible asset to be written off. And while this incentive has been extended in the past, with the change in the federal government, it is not expected to be extended again.
That’s it! An overview of trends in 2022, expectations for 2023 and, of course, some of our favourite farm shed build photos and articles.
We hope you have found this article interesting! For more farm shed resources, browse our Learning Hub. Or to discuss your next farm shed build, give us a call or send us a message – we would be happy to help!

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