Covered sheep yards

9 Covered Sheep Yards Projects To Inspire Yours

Covered sheep yards continue to be smart investments and must-have infrastructure for Australian sheep farmers.

The popularity of sheep yard covers in recent years is no doubt due to the many benefits they can provide.

Benefits such as improved working conditions for you and your staff and greater flexibility for when yard work can be completed (rain, hail or shine!) can make a substantial difference to the day-to-day operations.

If you are looking to take advantage of these benefits, and looking for ideas for covering your sheep yards, we’ve collated information on nine recent sheep yard cover builds.

Or, if you have any questions on the best ways to cover sheep yards or if you would like your site measured up, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team designs, manufactures and installs more than 70 yard cover projects each year – and we would be happy to help you!

Covered sheep yards

9 Covered Sheep Yards Projects To Inspire Yours

Below you will find 9 examples of our sheep yard cover projects.

These include a range of sizes and different design features. 

Some of these have been built over existing yards and designed to work in with existing infrastructure. Others have been built on a greenfield site.

We have also included examples of multipurpose facilities and shearing sheds complexes covered yards incorporated into the design.

So, we’re sure you will find ideas and inspiration for your project!

1. An 18 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover Over Existing Yards

Size: 27m (L) x 18m (W) x 3m (H) sheep yard cover.

Location: Ballyrogan VIC

Build Date: March 2022

This cover was designed and built to fit seamlessly over the existing yard infrastructure. Large 9-metre bay spacings were used which helped create a cost-effective design. 

Design features include a gable infill (complete with a custom sign!) which provides protection from the prevailing weather, while still allowing airflow and natural light through the cover. 

A 27m x 18m x 3m sheep yard cover at Ballyrogan VIC

Project Gallery

2. A 27 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover For Wallaloo Park

Located at Marnoo in Western Victoria, Wallaloo Park is owned and managed by the Carter Family: John and Jenny Carter and Trent and Kate Carter.

The newly built covered yards are an excellent facility and it is an investment that reflects Wallaloo Park’s reputation as an industry leader.

Size: 36m (L) x 27m (W) x 4.45m (H) with 6-metre canopies on both sides

Location: Marnoo VIC

Build Date: 2022

Yard Supplier: ProWay Livestock Equipment

What makes this facility stand out is the attention to detail in the design, including clear sheet gable infills to maximise available natural light and a ridge vent which helps provide good airflow in a cover of this size. The canopies are another excellent and cost-effective addition.

27 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover For Wallaloo Park

You can learn more about the project for Wallaloo Park, here.

Or browse the gallery below. 

Project Gallery

3. A 30 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover Addition

This recently completed yard cover build was part of a two-stage project, with the existing shearing shed built by Action in 2019.

Covered yards are a popular addition to shearing sheds for a number of reasons. One reason in particular is that having covered sheep yards is less expensive than having sheep on grating – and a yard cover is more versatile than grating area, too. 

Size: 24m (L) x 30m (W) x 3.5m (H)

Location: Amphitheatre VIC

Build Date: 2022

As well as some impressive surrounding scenery, the project has a number of useful design features including a 3.5-metre eave overhang and substantial guttering system.

Click through the gallery of photos below, and you will be able to see how the cover works in neatly with the shearing shed and yard system.

A 24m x 30m x 3.5m sheep yard cover Amphitheatre VIC

Project Gallery

4. An 18 Metre Span Ram Sale Shed & Covered Yards Facility

On-farm sale sheds have also been popular recently, such as the facilities for Banquet AngusMount William Charolais and Athlone Poll Dorsets. These facilities more often than not incorporate covered yards, making them versatile and smart investments.

The ram sale shed completed for Glenlea Park at Brimbago in southeast South Australia is an excellent example of a well-planned facility.

Size: 58.5m (L) x 18m (W) x 4.2m (H)

Location: Brimbago SA

Build Date: 2021

The bay spacings have been adjusted to accommodate the ram sale section and the sheep yards, with three bays at 7.5 metres wide and four bays at 9 metres wide.

A cantilievered canopy has also been installed on two of the bays for additional coverage over the yards.

The practical placement of sliding doors through the shed has been carefully planned to ensure access is convenient, quick and easy. The doors can also be opened to improve airflow if needed, however, a ridge vent has been installed in the sale shed section to assist with this. 

We also worked with the yard supplier, ProWay, to ensure none of the columns interfered with the yard design. 

Ram Sale Shed and Sheep Yard Cover

Project Gallery

5. A 35 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover With 3 Metre Canopy

Over the past five years, we have designed and built a number of farm infrastructure projects for Paradoo Prime, including this yard cover at the Cobbity property.

Size: 33.5m (L) x 35m (W) x 3.7m (H) with 3-metre canopy to one side.

Location: Pigeon Ponds VIC

Build Date: 2020

One of the more unique features of this project is the strips of clear sheet skylights installed in the gable infills. 

Browse the gallery below to view more of the design features and hear from Tim about his experience working with Action.

You can learn more about our work with Paradoo Prime, here.

Paradoo Prime Cobbity Covered Yards

Project Gallery

TIM LEEMING | PARADOO PRIME on the importance of quality farm shed infrastructure at Cobbity.

6. A 21 Metre Span Multi-Purpose Farm Shed with Covered Yards

Building a multi-purpose farm shed is one way to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

If you are looking to make your build as versatile as possible, this recently completed project at Wareek should provide you with some ideas and inspiration. It includes covered yards, a machinery workshop area and a machinery storage area which could also be used for fodder storage.

Size: 96m (L) x 21m (W) x 6.75m (H)

Location: Wareek VIC

Build Date: 2022

Like many of the projects in this list, the shed includes a cantilevered canopy. One of the reasons that canopies are so popular – whether it is a sheep yard cover, hay shed or calving shed – is because it is typically more cost-effective to add a canopy to your shed to gain extra coverage compared to upsizing the shed.

With multi-purpose sheds, there are a few details to pay attention to though, such as making sure your insurance policy covers co-storing.

A 96m x 21m x 6.75m shed with 6 metre canopy, Wareek VIC

Project Gallery

7. A 30 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover

This project is a great example of a classic yard cover build with gable infills and partially clad walls.

What worked well on this project was using a standard size span and standard size bay spacings of 8 metres. These aren’t always practical options for yard covers though, so we can make changes to spans and bay spacings to suit your yard set-up.

Size: 40m (L) x 30m (W) x 3m (H)

Location: Ariah Park NSW

Build Date: 2022

A 40m x 30m x 3m sheep yard cover at Ariah Park NSW

Project Gallery

8. A 27 Metre Span Sheep Yard Cover

Often covering existing sheep yards isn’t as straightforward as working with a greenfield site. There are usually some additional details to address.

One of these details is the amount of fall over the site. For example, with this project, the column lengths have been varied to accommodate the fall over the site – which you can see in the photo below.  

This project has also been designed to work in with the existing shearing shed and includes partially clad walls for extra weather protection.

Size: 36m (L) x 27m (W) x 3m (H)

Location: Glenlogie VIC

Build Date: 2022

A 36m x 27m x 3m sheep yard cover at Elmhurst VIC

Project Gallery

The final project on this list is a shearing shed complex that includes covered sheep yards. 

9. A 27 Metre Span Shearing Shed With Covered Yards

This shearing shed complex was recently completed in collaboration with fit-out company Commander Ag Quip.

The single gable configuration incorporates covered yards which are used to keep sheep dry ahead of shearing

Size: 88m x 24m x 5.5m

Location: Skipton VIC

Build Date: 2022

High-bay lights have been used in both the shearing shed and the yard cover to keep the facility well-lit, particularly over the board and in the wool handling areas.

Browse the gallery below and learn more about the project here.

Shearing Shed Complex at Skipton

Project Gallery

That’s a wrap on some of our recent yard cover builds! We included a wide variety of project types, so we hope you found some ideas for your project.

Below are some more resources that you might find useful

Useful Resources

For more articles and resources check out our Learning Hub. Or to discuss options for covering your sheep yards, talk to one of our building consultants – we would be happy to help!

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